Fritz Trainer - Mueller: Chess Endgames 2: Rook Endgames

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Endgame theory forms the basis for chess. This becomes painfully clear as soon as a player has reached a clearly won endgame, yet must finally content himself with a draw because he lacks the necessary know-how. Does this sound familiar? Then avoid such accidents and make endgames your strength, by building up a solid endgame technique. With this second volume of his endgame training series, grandmaster and endgame expert Dr Karsten Mueller from Hamburg continues to lay the solid foundations for the last phase of the game. After dealing with basic endgames from giving mate with the queen to the basics of pawn endgames in part I, part II is dedicated exclusively to rook endgames: rook versus pawn, rook and pawn versus rook, rook and rook pawn versus rook, rook and two connected pawns versus rook.
Those who have always found studying endgames with chess textbooks too dry and tedious will enjoy this DVD with its comfortable training system and benefit enormously in brilliant endgames at the actual board. Complete video running time: 5 hours. Author: Since 1988 grandmaster Dr. Karsten Mueller from Hamburg plays for the Hamburger Schachklub in the Bundesliga and in 1996 and 1997 he finished third in the German Championship. As an internationally renowned endgame expert he is the author of the endgame column in the ChessBase magazine and the author of the Endgame Corner column on His book "Fundamental Chess Endings", which he co-authored with Frank Lamprecht and which was published in 2001 by Gambit is already considered to be a modern classic.
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    Fritz Trainer - Mueller: Chess Endgames 2: Rook Endgames 2 Stars

    Posted by Andy from St. Louis on 27th Apr 2013

    Lots of content **BUT** Karsten Mueller has a very bad habit of jumping ahead several moves with one click of his mouse because the moves are so obvious to him. THIS IS VERY ANNOYING!!! If the moves were obvious to me i would not have needed to buy the DVD. It takes a lot of work to figure out the point of many examples. Many examples seem contrived, such as one finds in a problem book. I cannot see many of the artificial positions ever arising in an actual game. Karsten needs to make his points more clearly, slow down, and dump the contrived examples and problems.

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