Fritz Trainer: Ramirez Attacking with the Benko Gambit

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Ramirez begins with an introduction on typical Benko structures and then presents a repertoire against all of White’s major options. These are contained in video segments typically lasting less than 15 minutes each, providing a convenient setup for the busy person to work through. It should be noted that only the Benko Gambit itself is covered, and early deviations, such as 2 Bg5 or 2/3 Nf3, are not included.

The video format is more suited to presenting ideas rather than masses of concrete variations and Ramirez conveys the general plans of the positions very well. This DVD would serve as a good introduction to those thinking of taking up the Benko, to use as a framework to build their repertoire around. However, I feel it is also of great interest to established Benko practitioners, as topical lines, such as Carlsen’s 12 Qe2 in the Fianchetto Variation, are covered with examples taken from recent play. In keeping with the title, responses leading to active play are recommended, and I very much liked the choice of intuitively logical lines. For example, the modern …Ba6-c8-f5-c8 manoeuvre against 10 Rb1 in the Fi-anchetto Variation is rejected in favour of the more natural 11...Qa5, and Ramirez provides enough analysis to convince.


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