Roman's Lab Vol 23: The Easy Way to Play the Grand Prix and Reti Opening

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Over 90 Mins.

In Roman's Lab Chess DVD Video Volume 23: The Easy Way to Play the Grand Prix and Reti Opening, Grandmaster Roman Dzindzichashvili first explores the Grand Prix Attack (1. e4 c5 2. Nc3 Nc6 3. f4). This is his favorite way to meet the Sicilian. Roman will show you a clear plan which will give you a comfortable position.
Secondly, Roman addresses the Reti Opening (1. Nf3). Roman gives you easy-to-learn ideas and concepts on this positional opening. If you play the English, the Reti is a must because of the likelihood of transposing. So if you don't want to study a lot of theory, and like ambitious hidden attacks, the Reti is for you.
This DVD includes a free .pgn file of the Grand Prix Attack and Reti Openings and Bookup Express analysis program so you can study them.
Grandmaster Roman Dzindzichashvili ul>

  • Former two time U.S. Champion & Russian Champion
  • World Open Winner, Writer & Teacher
  • Former Chess Coach & Trainer for World Champions Gary Kasparov & Anatoly Karpov

Over 90 minutes of video chess instruction!

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