Roman's Lab Vol 50: Unsound Openings & How to Exploit Them

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In Roman's Lab Vol 50: Unsound Openings & How to Exploit Them, GrandMaster Roman Dzindzichashvili will show you how to play against bad openings and how you can exploit them to your advantage. It is part of the Getting the Winning Edge in the Endgame series.
Roman will take you through several very instructional bad openings for black, teaching you that by taking a logical and simple approach you can achieve an advantage.
This DVD not only provides excellent lines against the Elephant Gambit , Budapest, Baker Defense, French, Sicilian, England and Marshall Gambits, but will show you basic ideas behind getting an edge against inferior opening play to help you avoid ever getting caught off guard again.
DVD Contents Chapters Include:

  • Introduction
  • Elephant Gambit
  • Budapest Gambit
  • Black Plays gambit against the English Opening
  • Baker Defense
  • 1.e4 f5? / 2.pxp Nf6
  • 1.e4 c5 / 2.Nf3 d5?
  • England Gambit 1.d4 e5
  • Gambit for black in the Sicilian Defense
  • Gambit for black in the Sicilian Paulsen
  • Bad Gambit move in the French Defense
  • 1.d4 b5?
  • 1.c4 e6 / 2.d4 f6?
  • Marshall Gambit
  • Conclusion

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