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Roman's Lab Vol 7: Think and Play Like a Grandmaster Parts 1 & 2

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Over 4 Hours
Roman's Lab Vol 7: Think and Play Like a Grandmaster Parts 1 & 2
WARNING: May Contain Small Parts.

Romans Volume 7, Think and Play Like a GrandMaster, takes you through a series of simple and easy-to-follow games to show how Grandmasters approach the game.
Learn about:

  • Approach to Basic coordination of pieces
  • Developing a plan base on your opponents weakness
  • Exploiting pawn and positional weaknesses
  • Gaining space and limiting your opponents space
  • Well placed pieces vs. bad placed pieces
  • When and when not to exchange pieces
  • Pawn structures how they affect piece placement & development
  • Concluding the Game

Your playing strength will improve dramatically as Grandmaster Roman Dzindzichashvili gives you insights on how to truly think and play like a GrandMaster". More than 4 hours of video chess instruction!

Disclaimer: If opened, this item may only be returned in exhange for same item.