Roman's Lab Vol 81: Easy & Promising Way for White to Play Against the Najdorf Sicilian

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Over 80 Mins.

Grandmaster Roman Dzindzichashvili has created this new volume - an Easy and Promising Way for White to Play Against the Najdorf Sicilian, as a part of his Roman and Rybka, Perfecting the Opening series.
On this DVD Roman and Rybka bring new opening theory to Whites sixth move, h3, against one of Black's most popular defenses, the Najdorf Sicilian. World champion Bobby Fischer used the h3 variation to defeat Najdorf himself.
For over 20 years Roman has played nothing but the h3 against the Najdorf and brings his own ideas and theory to give you a promising game against Black's main moves, d5, g6 and e5 as well as variations.
The h3 variation is becoming very popular at the highest levels. So learn from someone who has played it the longest and surprise your opponent with Roman's easy to follow original ideas and analysis.

Grandmaster Roman Dzindzichashvili:

  • Former two time U.S. Champion & Russian Champion
  • World Open Winner, Writer & Teacher
  • Former Chess Coach & Trainer for World Champions Gary Kasparov & Anatoly Karpov
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