Roman's Lab Vol 91: Practical Killer Traps and Super Sharp lines for the 1.e4 Player

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110 Mins.

Roman's Lab: Volume 91, is a part of the Roman and Rybk Perfecting the Opening Series. On this DVD the Roman--Rybka team brings you killer traps and super sharp lines for the 1.e4 Player which occur in: 1. Alekhine, 2. The Caro-Kann Panov Attack, 3. The French Defense and 4. Center Counter Gambit.
Roman using Rybka to verify his own analysis again has reversed opening theory against popular lines that Roman found traps in are considered sound so your oponent will have no idea what is coming so get ready to rack up some wins.
Grandmaster Roman Dzindzichashvili:

  • Former two time U.S. Champion & Russian Champion
  • World Open Winner, Writer & Teacher
  • Former Chess Coach & Trainer for World Champions Gary Kasparov & Anatoly Karpov
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    Roman's Lab Vol 91: Practical Killer Traps and Super Sharp lines for the 1.e4 Player 4 Stars

    Posted by Reg from Las Vegas on 28th Apr 2013

    Interesting and fun to see these new lines. I'm a French player and probably would never use the French line from this DVD. I'm anxious to try the Alekine line on human opponents. I've played it against computers and always get my butt kicked. I'll tried the Caro-Kann line on-line, but my opponent made it messy right away. I don't think a novice would understand why these lines would work. They work because the opponent is careless early and positionally makes wrong decisions. This video shows how to take advantage of that.

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