Empire Chess Vol 43 - Play Like Peter Svidler

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2 hours
GM Damian Lemos

Super-GM Peter Svidler is a consistent member of the world’s top 10 chess players because his play is extremely dynamic, his preparation is exceptionally deep, and he has a very subtle intuition for tiny changes in the position. Grandmaster Damian Lemos has made a detailed study of Svidler’s top games and concludes that Svidler achieves strong success in the highest level of chess because he is extremely attentive to the changing demands of the position with every single move. In this Empire Chess DVD, GM Lemos will demonstrate several critical games in Svidler’s career and show how the Russian Super-GM achieved his most impressive victories to date. And of course GM Lemos will be explaining several key games by Svidler in the Grunfeld Defense, an opening that Svidler has prepared very deeply and continues to employ with great success on a very frequent basis at the elite level.


1. Svidler vs Dreev
2. Korchnoi vs Svidler
3. Popov vs Svidler
4. Svidler vs Sutovsky
5. Moiseenko vs Svidler

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