Empire Chess Vol 47 - How Grandmasters Beat Gambits

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3 hours
GM Victor Mikhalevski

Grandmaster Victor Mikhalevski is a veteran chess trainer with over 15 years of teaching experience. GM Mikhalevski is well-known as a fearless attacking player and in this chess DVD he will instruct viewers on how Grandmasters prepare their opening repertoire for elite competition.

¨How Grandmasters Beat Gambits: King Pawn Openings¨ examines the popular Evans Gambit and demonstrates convincing forcing lines for black to achieve equality at a minimum! Viewers will also learn how to counter the Frankenstein-Dracula Variation and emerge from the massive complications that so frequently arise in this fast-paced chess gambit. GM Mikhalevski also reviews Ponziani’s Gambit, an opening choice that is not very common at the higher levels but can be seen fairly often in the games of club players. Lastly viewers will learn about the Greco Gambit, an interesting weapon for white that resembles a delayed King’s Gambit but presents many of the same early dangers and traps if black is not well-prepared.

This chess DVD focuses on common chess gambits for white in various king pawn opening systems, and is guaranteed to not only enhance your preparation with the black pieces in these dangerous sidelines – it will also increase your overall level of chess understanding as GM Mikhalevski clearly presents his ideas via a concept-based teaching approach.


1. Evans Gambit
2. Frankenstein-Dracula Variation
3. Ponziani’s Gambit
4. Greco Gambit

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