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Imperfect Weighted Club Silicone Board Chess Set Combo

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King Height:
King Base:
King Weight:
Piece Material:
Extra Queens?:
Board Size:
19½" x 19½"
Square Size:
Board Material:
Bag Size:
5" x 6" x 9"
Bag Material:
Durable & Soft Woven Material
Gift wrapping:
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Silicone Weighted Club Chess Set Combo - Forest Green
WARNING: May Contain Small Parts.

The pieces and bag in this set have no defects.   The board has a slight imperfection such as a smudge or wave in the board.  Due to the nature of silicone our thin silicone boards have a slight wave which is normal.   However, these imperfect boards have a more excessive wave or other imperfection and that is why we are discounting them.    The imperfection does not impact play on the board.   To see an example of what the imperfect board might look like you can look at the image above that shows only the board.

Wholesale Chess is pleased to introduce our new Silicone Weighted Club Set.  This set features our Heavy Tournament Pieces, Silicone Chess Board and our Drawstring Bag which holds the pieces and board.

 The silicone board can be folded up and stored in the bag with the pieces.  This set is great for travel and takes up much less space than our Carry-All Tournament bag.

 Heavy Tournament Pieces

Our Heavy Tournament Chess Pieces are just that - heavy! The entire set weighs in at about 2 pounds and has a nice weighted feel. The pieces are easy to play with and their weight makes them perfect for tournaments or blitz play. With a King of 3¾" tall and a 1½" base, these pieces meet all tournament regulations. The set includes extra queens as well!

 Silicone Board

This silicone chess board is one of the more unusual chess boards we have carried. It is made of smooth silicone, which produces a rubber-like board that is very flexible.  The boards measure 19½" inches and have 2¼" inch squares. To clean the board you can run it under water or wipe with a damp cloth.  Spilled liquids will not penetrate it.

Drawstring Bag

This Drawstring Cloth Bag for chess pieces holds and protects a full set of chess pieces up to 3¾" tall and is easy to open and close. This bag stays shut when closed and is ideal for taking your game on the road.  Made of durable yet soft woven material this bag is 5"W x 6"D x 9"H and includes a reinforced base.

The green silicone set includes a green board and bag, the blue silicone set includes a blue board and bag, the red set includes a red board and bag, and the black silicone set includes a black board and red bag.