Best-Selling Chess Accessories

If you're helping to organize a chess tournament or club meeting, you might be wondering what to hand out or what the attendees might want. If so, look no further! These are the top selling accessories and bags that Wholesale Chess sells!

Chess Pieces Keychain Set (17 Pieces) - These sets include one side of the board plus an extra queen, and each piece features a chain that makes it easy to attach to a key ring or backpack.
Great for: Casual, Club, School
$6.99                                   Colors: Keychain Chess Sets

Carry-All Tournament Chess Set Bag - This bag is perfect for any serious chess player - it has zippered pockets for the pieces, a padded central pocket for a clock, plus room for books, writing utensils, and more!
Great for: Casual, Club, Home, School, Tournament
$19.99                                    Colors: Carry-All Bag Colors

Softcover Quality Scorebook - When chess players want to keep track of their games without worrying about a bulky hard cover book, this is the ideal scorebook! The spiral binding makes it easy to open and turn pages, plus each book holds 50 games with 100 moves and a diagram per game.
Great for: Club, Tournament
$2.99                                                                    Colors: Softcover Scorebook Colors

Magnetic Chess Demo Board - Teaching chess can be very rewarding, but that doesn't mean it's not challenging, too! The best way to demonstrate chess moves is with a hanging demo board, and this is the simplest of them!
Great for: School, Club

27" Quality Chess Demo Board with Clear Pieces - If you're in the market for a quality demo board for a medium sized group of people, this is the one. Pockets with clear pieces make it easy for students to see the pieces, plus there are stars for move demonstration.
Great for: School, Club
$35.99                                                              Color Options: Demo Board Colors

Basic Slotted Chess Demo Board with Red & Black Pieces & Bag - This board has 3" squares with slots along the bottom for inserting the pieces while teaching. The red and black pieces are easily visible on the green board.
Great for: School, Club

Round Chess Medal on Ribbon - Heavy, diecast metal with 30" patriotic ribbons make these chess-themed medals perfect for tournaments or club games. They help kids and adults alike feel like winners!
Great for: Tournament, School, Club
$3.49                                                                            Colors: Round Medal Colors

Hardcover Quality Scorebook - For people who want to keep a record of their games for a long time to come, these books are ideal. They have good binding as well as room for 100 games with 80 moves and a diagram each.
Great for: Tournament, School, Club
$5.99                                                              Color Options: Hard Cover Scorebook Colors

Perfect-Fit Chess Pieces Bag - This nylon canvas zippered pouch is the perfect size for holding all of the pieces of any standard size set (with a king of 3.75"), including the extra queens, and they come in 6 colors.
Great for: School, Club, Casual, Tournament, Home
$3.99                                          Color Options: Perfect Fit Bag Colors

Chess Pencils (5-Pack) - Each set of these pencils includes 5 randomly colored pencils with a colorful metallic design featuring chess pieces.
Great for: School, Club, Casual, Tournament, Home