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Best-Selling Clocks

Whether you're a newly appointed chess teacher, a chess parent, or a chess player yourself, at some point, you're going to have to think about chess clocks. If you don't know what you need, or you just want to know what other people have bought here at Wholesale Chess, you've come to the right place!

Wholesale Chess Basic Digital Clock with Bonus and Delay - Simple, reliable, and easy to use, this clock is perfect for beginners and intermediate players and that makes it a favorite of schools, clubs, and individuals.
Great for: Casual, Club, Tournament, Blitz

Wholesale Chess Advanced Digital Chess Clock with Bonus, Delay - This clock is great for the discerning player - it's got all of the features you'll need in most tournament chess games! Multiple time controls, move tracking, bonus or delay, pre-programmed modes as well as custom modes make it ideal for intermediate to advanced players.
Great for: Casual, Tournament
DGT North American Chess Clock - This classic FIDE-approved clock is great for standard tournaments. It's trusted and time-proven, with a range of time controls and an elegant but simple design.
Great for: Casual, Tournament
Chronos GX Touch Black Digital Clock - Chronos clocks are the top of the line, and for good reason! The durable metal case, multiple advanced timing controls, varied options and features, and stainless steel touch buttons all combine into one great clock here.
Great for: Tournament, Blitz
Basic Wood Analog Chess Clock - This clock doesn't have all of the bells and whistles of a newer digital model, but there is no denying the nostalgic aesthetic value and sleek, classic look!
Great for: Casual, Club
DGT Easy Game Timer - Black Beyond - This player-friendly clock is a perfect first clock for anyone! It combines high quality with absolute simplicity; you'll love the easy-to-understand controls and operation.
Great for: Casual, Club
Chronos GX Button Black Digital Clock - Like the Touch version mentioned earlier in the list, this clock has a metal body and tons of features. The only difference between the two is the button; some people love the satisfying click when they're done with their turn.
Great for: Tournament, Blitz
ZMF-II Digital Chess Timer - Designed to look similar to the Chronos, the ZMF is a well-loved clock of many people who like the Chronos but don't want to spend the money on it. The ZMF has a plastic body and colored LED lights with multiple time controls.
Great for: Casual, Club, Tournament
Wholesale Chess Analog Chess Timer - This clock is perfect for clubs, schools, kids, and other young or beginning players. It features separate clock faces and easy operation without adding the confusion of delay or bonus time.
Great for: Casual, Club
DGT 1001 Digital Game Timer - Featuring a very small footprint, this clock is a great beginner clock. It has count down and count up modes with very simple functionality, which makes it a great transition clock from analog to digital.
Great for: Casual, Club