Best-Selling Plastic Pieces

There are a lot of minor differences between sets of chess pieces, and if you're not experienced with all of them, they may be confusing to you! You may be wondering if you need single weighted or triple weighted pieces, or if size matters. Sometimes your best bet is to head straight for what's worked for most of our other customers!

Following are our best-selling plastic chess pieces:

Basic Club Chess Pieces - Colored Half Sets - These colorful pieces are lots of fun and great for really making a set your own. Each set includes 17 pieces - one side of the board plus an extra queen - so be sure to get two colors!
Great for: Casual, Club, School
$4.99                                   Colors: Basic Colored Pieces

Basic Club Chess Pieces - These are perfect for schools or beginners - they are standard size but single weighted for an economical set that'll get players ready for tournaments!
Great for: Casual, Club, Home, School

Heavy Tournament Chess Pieces - Exactly the same as the basic pieces in shape and size, these triple weighted pieces feature a standard 3.75" king and extra queens, and are great for any tournament!
Great for: Casual, Club, Tournament

Heavy Tournament Chess Pieces - Colored Half Sets - Like the basic colored pieces, these great for really personalizing your set. Each triple weighted set includes 17 pieces - one side of the board plus an extra queen - so be sure to get two colors!
Great for: Casual, Tournament
$5.99                                                              Colors: Heavy Tournament Half Set Colors

Quality Club Chess Pieces - These pieces are well-loved by schools and clubs for their durability! They are standard size and include extra queens but are made of solid plastic, making them tougher than our single or triple weighted pieces.
Great for: Casual, Club, School
$7.99                                                              Color Options: Quality Colors

Analysis Chess Pieces - These small pieces are great when you're low on space or have very small desks. The king stands just 2.5" tall - well below the 3.75" average!
Great for: Casual, Home, Analysis, School

Traditional Staunton Chess Pieces - These pieces are heavilty weighted and much more detailed than any of the standard club and school sets listed above. They're great for somone who's ready for a step-up from the regular plastic sets.
Great for: Tournament, Home
$22.99                            Colors: Traditional Staunton Colors

Silicone Chess Pieces - These pieces are maybe the most unusual on this list; they are made completely out of silicone! They're rubbery, bendable, durable, and lightweight. They do have extra queens.
Great for: Casual, Club, Home

Reykjavik Plastic Chess Pieces - These weighted pieces are designed as a reproduction set from a famous chess tournament (Spassky-Fischer in 1972). They're a little more detailed than the regular pieces, standard size, and come with extra queens, making them great for almost any occasion.
Great for: Casual, Tournament, Home
$17.99                                             Color Options: Reykjavik Colors

Premier Chess Pieces - This is a high-end plastic set. The pieces are larger than normal (4-1/8" king) with extra queens and hefty quadruple weighted design.
Great for: Tournament, Home
                                                                          Color Options:Premier Colors