Best-Selling Wooden Sets

Sometimes wooden chess sets are the hardest to buy - even if you think you know what you want - because there are so many wood finishes, sizes, styles, and options that it can get very overwhelming in a hurry!

NOTE: On most wooden sets on Wholesale Chess, selecting your wood type and/or box finish will make the main image change so you can see what your particular selection will look like!

These are the sets that other Wholesale Chess customers have bought the most often:

House of Staunton Grandmaster Wood Chess Set with Pieces, Board, & Box - Beautiful pieces in a very classic Staunton style plus extra queens in your choice of wood type, a mahogany and maple board, plus your choice of mahogany or black sliding box make this an ideal set.
Starting at $159.99

House of Staunton 12" Folding Wood Chess Set - When you want a set that is wood but still small enough to be moved, you want a set like this one. The king is 2-1/2" tall, and the pieces are magnetic so they will stay even if they get jostled in a car.

20" Folding Wood Chess Set - This set is very mugh like the previous one (10" Folding) only bigger. The squares offer more space for moving pieces and the king is 3" tall.

Zagreb Wood Chess Set - This is one of the most striking chess sets we carry! The knight is very distinctive, with head bent down, and the tops of several of the pieces are in contrasting colors to really stand out. 3.75" king.
Starting at $189.99

Classic Wood Chess Set - Simple, traditional, and economical - this set has it all! The pieces are easily recognizable because of their classic design, and fit perfectly on the board. The style is sophisticated and elegant.
Starting at $129.99

House of Staunton Burnt Grandmaster Wood Chess Set with Pieces, Board & Box - High gloss finish plus a unique combination of wood types makes this set a must-have for any collector! Any chess player will love the elegant design, Staunton style, and fine detail on the pieces.
Starting at $399.99

Soigne Premier Wood Chess Set - You'll love these high-end, weighted wood pieces with a 4" king on your choice of board. You can also select an optional box or go with the included drawstring bag for storing the pieces.
Starting at $269.99

House of Staunton Superior Grandmaster Wood Chess Set with Pieces, Board, & Box - These pieces are traditionally designed and made with a good weighted feel, making them great both for display and actual use. They come with a blackwood and maple board with mahogany border.
Starting at $279.99

Supreme Chess Set - What makes most of these sets unique is the knight, and this one is definitely supreme! The carved mane and high head give this knight a noticeable look. This set also comes with your choice of board and a bag or options for box.
Starting at $149.99

The Italia Wooden Chess Set - Every one of these large pieces is unusual, and that makes it eye-catching in every way! Accents on the pieces as well as the extremely detailed vertical design help this set be ideal for display. The king is a towering 6-1/8" high, and the European board matches the set.