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Chess Boards

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About Chess Boards

Chess Boards at Wholesale Chess

Finding just the right chess board can be a long, difficult process. Read through the following brief summary to help you decide which chess board will fit your needs.

Vinyl & Roll-Up Chess Boards

These boards are the most common chess boards found in chess clubs and tournaments. Roll-Up chess boards come in three different types of materials. Our vinyl roll-up chess boards are the best type of board for chess clubs and individuals on a budget for their chess equipment. Vinyl boards are very durable and meet USCF chess tournament regulations. These boards also come in a wide variety of colors to suit your needs and wants. Vinyl Rollup Boards

Another type of roll-up chess board features a mousepad type material. Mousepad chess boards are curl-proof and come in the same sizes as the vinyl chess boards. Mousepad boards also meet tournament standards and are more durable than vinyl chess boards. Mousepad Chess Boards

Finally, we have silicone chess boards that not only roll, but fold, scrunch, and more! These handy boards come in several colors, are durable, and fit almost anywhere. Silicone Chess Boards

Roll-Up Chess Boards

Wood Chess Boards

Are you looking to play your chess game in style? Buy a wood chess board at Wholesale Chess to make your chess game stand out. Our wood chess boards are made from a variety of woods including mahogany, walnut, rosewood, black wood and others. Wood Chess Boards