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Wholesale Chess features the largest library of chess books available on the internet! We have chess books for every aspect of your chess game including how to play chess, opening, middlegame and endgame tactics. Browse our collection today and save big!

Chess Books For Beginners

Learning to play chess can be a daunting task. It can be a very frustrating thing and can take years to learn. Speed up your learning process by purchasing chess books! Books are a great way to learn about basic tactics and strategy without trying to learn on your own. Our chess books are comprehensive and can help teach you the game quickly.Beginner Chess Books.

Opening Chess Books

Perfect your chess openings and be ready for anything by purchasing a chess openings book. Opening chess books teach you all of the various strategies used in the modern chess game. Master all the openings and find your own style of chess opening. Chess Openings Books.

Middle Game Chess Books

The middle game is where your chess game is won or lost. Learn how to control the center of the chess board, capture your opponent's pieces and claim victory in the chess game with a book on chess middle games. Chess Middle Games Books.

Endgame Chess Books

Don't let your hard work in your opening and middle game go to waste! Learn how to close out a chess game with a victory with a book on endgames. Learn not only how to dominate an opponent, but find great tricks and strategies used to take over a game in the final stage. Chess Endgames Books.

Chess Strategy Books

Learn how to play chess throughout a chess game with a book on chess strategy. Review the strategies of chess pros and grand masters of the past including Bobby Fischer and more! Chess Strategy Books.