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The Henley Files - The London System - GM Ron Henley - Volume 3

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The Henley Files 

The London System - GM Ron Henley - Volume 3

If you want to add the London System to your repertoire, this is the perfect place to start.

You’ll learn how to attack Black’s different formations, all the move-order tricks, opening traps, typical tactics, and more.

Inside the Henley Files…

  • Dealing with the c4 squeeze. When Black pushes that pawn to c4 it cramps our play and kicks our bishop from its sweet d3 post. GM Henley turns to a Capablanca classic to show how to smash out of this bind and shatter Black’s position.
  • Tactics first. By learning the weak points in Black’s position, you will be hyper-aware of any tactical opportunities.
  • Rapid attacks. The London setup – the position our pieces are in – that’s by design. It gives rise to rapid attacks. See how you can launch a mating attack with some innocent-looking pawn moves that divert the bishop and knight away from the defense.

Is the London System for me?

Solid, easy-to-learn, and with great attacking options, the London System is a chess opening every self-respecting player should have in their repertoire.

White can play this system against nearly anything Black responds with, and the first 6 or 7 moves are usually the same – saving you time on the clock.

American GM Ron W. Henley has put together a 5-hour training showing the ideas behind the London System and explaining how best to combat Black’s typical formations.

By analyzing games played by his students, GM Henley places the different strategies in a real world situation and helps make them memorable.

Designed for all players up to the 1700-level, this 5-hour course is the perfect introduction to an opening system that will win you games for the rest of your playing days.

Add these ideas in the London System to your game…

  • Lines of Attack. Knowing what pawn breaks, piece sacs, and quiet moves to play makes getting that checkmate much easier. GM Henley analyzes some of his students’ games to teach you all the killer attacks including this b5 and b6 thrust that opens up the a-file and b8-g3 diagonal with deadly effect.
  • Anti-Positional Genius. Ever see one of the top players do something you’d only expect from a beginner? Like wreck their own pawn structure or give up their good bishop for a passive knight? Many strong club players never consider these “anti-positional” moves… but they’re missing out on deeper positional secrets. Ron explains why these moves work.
  • Learning by Formation and Theme. You don’t need to remember 100 different variations 20 moves deep. Instead, GM Henley explains what to do in different formations (Black plays an early d6, or fianchettoes his bishop, for example) and themes (Black trades dark-squared bishops or copies your moves). This makes it way easier to remember what you should do!

A great opening taught by a great coach – get your copy now!

More Information
ISBN 616348556236
Host GM Ron Henley
Publication Date January 26, 2021
Runtime 5 hours
Hardware Requirements Standard DVD Player
Region Lock None - Playable Anywhere
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The Henley Files - The London System - GM Ron Henley - Volume 3