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The Millennium ChessGenius Exclusive Chess Computer


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The Millennium ChessGenius Exclusive Chess Computer
The Millennium ChessGenius Exclusive Chess Computer

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    The elegant chesscomputer with piece recognition, made from real wood

    Playing strenght > 2300 ELO!

    The new ChessGenius Exclusive is a handmade, elegant wooden sensor-board with a size of approximately 40 x 40 x 2 cm, with 81 LEDs as move indicators and a most comfortable fully automatic piece-detection, which is achieved by a new techology, The computer unit is located in a separate cabinet with a generously sized display.It offers numerous display possibilities similar to th earlier world-class computers from Mephisto, and can - very practical - also be used as chess-clock during a match. The comfortable handling of the fully automated board, in particular the detection speed and reliability, is exceptional. As the 4 LEDs flash-up brightly for each field, a look st the computer display is no longer necessary during the game.

    The cable connection between the clock and the chessboard makes it not only possible to exchange the hardware module, it further allows future software updates to be made via the integrated USB-interface. An ARM Cortex M7 processor with 300 MHz and a significantly increased Flash and RAM-memory serves as motor for the hardware.

    First assessments estimate the tournament strenght of the ChessGenius Exclusive to range between 2350 and 2400 ELO, which ever surpasses the performance level of the legendary Mephisto world champion computers (which at that thime used to cost more then 10,000 Deutschmarks!) Thanks to the new development from Munich, these devices have finally found their worthy successor - very much to the delight of chess computer enthusiats all over the world.

    OPTIONAL UPGRADE The King Element - A $250 Value, Only $199.00 When Purchased with an Exclusive Computer

    The long-awaited The King Element by the well-known Dutch programmer Johan de Koning is an extension of the ChessGenius Exclusive. At the request of numerous chess friends and in reminiscence of the legendary TASC chess computer, the new MILLENNIUM module was designed with an elegant "retro-design“ wooden case.

    • Control- module for extending the MILLENNIUM Exclusive sensor boards, with the famous chess program "The King“ by Johan de Koning
    • The chess program convinces with an aggressive, active style of play and makes a lot of fun in games - the most emotional electronic chess partner ever!
    • With generously illuminated display and elegant wooden housing
    • Selection of different opening books: The classic Aegon Book, the Master Book (> 300.000 Pos.) by M. Uniacke, or special User Books
    • Save batches and optionally download opening libraries, firmware updates or program improvements.
    • Countless options: Configure up to 3 different opponent personalities for a game as against real chess grandmasters.
    • Unlimited levels of difficulty, variably adjustable.
    • Outstanding playing ability (> 2,400 ELO), paired with a very active, risk-taking, sometimes even spectacular style of play.

    OPTIONAL UPGRADE The ChessLink - A $129.95 Value, Only $109.95 When Purchased with an Exclusive Computer

    Get ChessLink and enjoy expanded connectivity of your ChessGenius Exclusive by integrating tablet, PC, and other devices. Millennium originally introduced the beautiful wood cabinet ChessGenius Exclusive Chess Computer with expansion in mind for upgrades and new features.

    ChessLink connects Exclusive's already strong play experience, including autosensory piece recognition, to various devices via Bluetooth or USB. You'll be able to access powerful engines for analysis and online play.

    For example, on IPhone and iPad, the app "Hiarcs Chess Explorer" by Mark Uniacke which offers, among other things, an adaptive game strength with display of the ELO value of the player. It reaches over 3000 ELO.

    On Android devices, the app "Chess for Android" by Aart Bik has the ability to load UCI engines with future online play coming.

    A powerful PC software is also in production.

    That's just the beginning of how you can combine ChessLink with Exclusive and chart new territory with your chess experience!

    **Note: Chess Link requires the Millenium ChessGenius Exclusive Chess Computer

    More Information
    ISBN Does not apply
    King Height 3.0'' inch / 7.62 cm
    King Base Diameter 1.0'' inch / 2.54 cm
    Square Size 1.625'' inch / 4.13 cm
    Chess Board Footprint 16.75 " x 16.75"
    Total Number of Pieces 32 Chess Pieces
    Computer Rating (USCF) 2600+
    Batteries Required AC Adapter Included With Purchase
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    The Millennium ChessGenius Exclusive Chess Computer