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Your Jungle Guide to Unbalancing Your Opponents

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We are proud to be the first chess siblings to publish a book, full of magnificent examples and reasons why we love the game. 

The wonderful journey of selecting, analyzing and commentating on games has been very beneficial to both of us. In this book, we look deeply into some factors that are not spoken about as much as they should, for example, the importance of preparing for the opening, to always be searching for sacrifices when your pieces are active, to never stop grinding until the game is over and of course, the part we both love the most, psychology in chess. 

We have been very 'picky' when it came down to selecting the games. The best of the best examples were chosen so as to keep the flow of the book and to make it easy to follow, as well as being more entertaining and resourceful for our readers. 

The book also contains several shocking examples, such as a 1700-rated kid beating a powerful GM, or Alireza Firouzja letting slip of the most basic draw against Magnus Carlsen. Therefore, whether you are a beginner, an average club player or even a chess master, this book should help you take steps forwards in your chess development. After all, we all sometimes face players who are significantly higher/lower-rated! 

As many may know, neither of us have had an easy journey in our chess career over the past few years. However, unpleasant conflicts have never been a limiting factor to us when it came to our love and passion for chess. This book was one way to keep improving day after day, demonstrating the more beautiful side of the game. 

We recommend that all our readers should grab a real chessboard and enjoy the brilliant content. This will not only help you improve your chess skills, but also absorb the 'Tips & Tricks'. 


Dorsa and Borna Derakhshani 

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Shopworn No
ISBN 9789464201314
Author/s Dorsa Derakhshani, Borna Derakhshani
Pages 396 pages
Publication Date September 28, 2021
Notation Type FAN - Figurine
Book Binding Type Paperback
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Your Jungle Guide to Unbalancing Your Opponents