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How to Handle Tough Losses

August 4th, 2016

by Paul Swaney

The bad news is that if you continue to play chess you will have to deal with many losses. The good news is that these losses are just stepping stones in your overall improvement as a chess player. 

Here are three tips to handle tough losses:

1. Be a good sport.

No matter how tough the loss feels, shake your opponent's hand and say good game. Always take advantage of the chance to review the game with your opponent. This is the first step in the learning process.

2. Go for a walk.

If you have time between games, take a nice walk to clear your mind, calm down, and get some fresh air. Getting away from the exciting tournament area and skittles room can help you to relax and get ready for your next game.

3. Start over.

Forget about your loss and treat your next round like it's the beginning of a new tournament. Just imagine that the next round is the first round, and you just want to play good moves. 

Do not forget after the tournament to review these losses and look at them as an opportunity to improve.


Giant Chess & Checkers Sets

Updated June 30th, 2016

Today we show you how to get your kids off the couch and their minds working with our Giant Chess and Checkers Sets.  These sets are much larger than the standard size set which makes them much more fun for kids to play with.  Enjoy it on the back lawn or in the family room! The suggested age is 8 and older, but we know of many who have purchased this for very young children as their first chess set because of its durability.  Those of you who are experienced chess players will find a new element of fun and strategy as you use this set indoors or outside.

We have these giant sets available in a variety of sizes, ranging from an 8" king to the much larger 25" king, and you can make them even taller than that with the available 12" extensions.

Fill the bases of the 25" sets with sand or water to weigh them down for outside use, or keep them light for young children. They're great for backyard, indoor, school, resort, hotel, park, library, or club use!


Chess Sets

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