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Analyzing Chess Tournament Losses

June 18th, 2015

Written by National Master Carissa Yip

Everyone’s had a bad game in a tournament before. Afterwards, your friends and family all tell you to analyze the game with your opponent, and that’s good advice, right?

In a tournament with multiple games per day, it’s good not to analyze them until the tournament is finished.

Understanding your mistakes is fine, but sometimes they have a psychological impact in the next round. When you review your games, you might see what you should have done in a winning position where instead you played a bad move and blew it.

This can mess with your thinking in the next round, when you spend time regretting your previous game instead of concentrating on the present game.

For example, during the Massachusetts Open, I played against a lower-rated opponent, and after five hours of battle in a complex position, I blundered and lost. I was obviously upset, but I had to move on.

I had eaten a small breakfast and had no time for lunch, with the next round starting in 20 minutes. After a bad game, when you want to move on, it’s a good idea to walk around outside and get some fresh air, which is what I did.

The next round, I won my game quickly against a national master.

He also had suffered a terrible loss in the round before, and he kept talking about the game and analyzing with his opponent. This shows how knowing what not to do has a big impact on your performance.

Of course, everyone is different.  Understanding your emotion is very important in finding the right behavior.


Choosing a Chess Board

June 5th, 2015
Storage Chess Board

Are you new to chess? Don't worry, we're here to help! We'll guide you through everything you need to know about chess from the board & pieces all the way to secret tactics and quick checkmates. To get a go-at-your-own-pace refresher course, hop on over to our Chess 101 page.

The Board

Every standard chess board features 64 squares, 32 in one color (usually white or light) and 32 in another (usually black or dark). In chess, each square is assigned a letter and number value (such as E5). The board is also divided into horizontal rows (called "rank") and vertical columns (called "files"). Each "rank" is assigned a number 1-8, starting with 1 at the bottom. Each "file" is assigned a letter A-H, starting with A on the left side of the board. A correct game of chess begins with a dark square in the lower left corner and a light square in the lower right corner.

Buying a Chess Board

There are thousands upon thousands of different chess boards available and it can be hard to choose the correct one to buy. Boards come in every material from plastic, vinyl, wood, marble or other materials. Here at Wholesale Chess, we carry a few dozen different boards that all work in a variety of settings.

Chess Boards For Beginners

Ready to buy your first board? Make sure you get the right board! For beginners, we recommend a good vinyl or basic wood board. A Basic Vinyl Chess Board can be an excellent purchase. They are very inexpensive, come in a variety of colors, and are very durable. If you have small children, they are also great because they can handle the rigors and abuse from children. Not only are they durable, but because of their low price, they are easy to replace.
View Vinyl and Roll-Up Chess Boards

Chess Boards For Tournaments

Do you need a great board that travels well? We recommend a vinyl, mouse pad, or silicone chess board. These boards are specifically designed for tournament play. They roll up and are very easy to carry and transport. They also handle a lot of use very well and are inexpensive to replace. These boards are also quite standard among tournament play. The mouse pad board is different from the vinyl both in texture and finish. The mouse pad board is made from a material similar to what you'd see in a traditional computer mouse pad. The board is thicker, softer and doesn't wrinkle or warp like the vinyl boards can. The silicone board is very rubbery, and it folds, rolls, or wads up without trouble. It always lays flat and can even get wet.
View Vinyl and Roll-Up Chess Boards

Chess Boards For Studying Chess

Can't get enough of chess at home? Get yourself a proper studying board! Many chess enthusiasts will read chess boards or watch videos with a chess board out to help them visualize concepts better. A larger tournament board can make it difficult to study because of it's size. We recommend an analysis chess board for studying. The board is just 12"" square, making it one of the smallest boards on the market. Our analysis board is made of the basic vinyl material, is quite portable, and stores easily.
View Analysis Chess Board

High-End Chess Boards

Are you ready to buy a high-end chess board? At the upper end, chess boards come in a variety of materials and can range in price from $40 to over $1,000. First, select the type of board you would like. Wood boards are the most common to purchase, but boards can also be available in metal, marble or other stone. High-end chess boards can also come as folding sets with storage, large flat chess boards with storage compartments underneath, or simply large, flat chess boards. Most importantly, purchase a board you really like and one that looks good in your home or office setting.
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Fold Chess Board

Folding Chess Boards

Folding Chess Boards are excellent high-end boards because they save space and store well. If you're not looking for a board to display, but still want quality, this is the way to go. Folding chess boards come in a variety of sizes, though usually between 10" and 20". Many sets come with chess pieces already, but some sets do require you find and purchase chess pieces on your own. Some folding chess boards also feature compartments inside for holding and storing pieces or other supplies, which some simply fold into themselves.
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Storage Chess Boards

Storage Chess Boards (sometimes called Cabinet Chess Boards) are excellent for display. They are beautiful boards that feature a compartment inside for storing pieces and supplies. The boards are all quite beautiful and will look great on a corner table or as the center piece on a coffee table. Because these boards are frequently used as displays, it's best to be careful on wood and finish selections. Make sure you find a finish you love and will look good.
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Flat Chess Boards

Many of the most beautiful chess boards available are simple, flat boards without storage or folding. Many of these boards are hand-crafted and feature exquisite detail. There are dozens of these boards available in a wide variety of price ranges. As with storage chess boards, be careful which color and finish you choose. It's all about personal taste and budget.
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Chess Sets

Wholesale Chess is home to one of the best selections of chess sets on the web! We offer many differenty styles and types to choose from including club chess sets, tournament chess sets, and even electronic chess sets! Every set comes with the right pieces and board to fit your needs and many come in a variety of fun colors! Find your personal chess set right here at Wholesale Chess.

More than Just Chess Sets

Sure, our strength lies in chess sets, chess pieces, and other chess supplies . . . but Wholesale Chess also offers a wide variety of classic games available at guaranteed low prices.

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